This page will contain pictures of and stories about buses that have been involved in accidents. If you have anything to add please send it to me.

Ulsterbus Volvo-engined Leyland Tiger 1334 (RXI 3334) had a controlled explosion carried out on it in 1998 and was severely damaged and subsequently scrapped. Pictures of it, supplied by Paul Haughey, are available.

Ulsterbus Leyland Atlantean Double Decker 2904 (OXI 514) was stolen from Newcastle depot very early in the morning on 1st July 2000 and was driven around the town, wrecking it as well as lots of other things. It is shown below stuck on the narrow bridge on the Tullybrannigan Road which it was eventually crashed into.

2904 (OXI 514) crashed on Narrow Bridge
Newcastle-based double decker (in the summer months) 2904 (OXI 514), shown crashed on Tullybrannigan Road near Newcastle in July 2000 [Picture from Down Recorder]

The full story from the Down Recorder on Wednesday 24th January 2001 is available.

Ulsterbus Volvo-engined Leyland Tiger Goldliner Mk. II 1342 (TXI 1342) slid off the road into a field while taking some Japanese tourists to Portrush sometime around 1996 / 1997. Unsuccessful attempts were made to move it back on to the road by pushing the front bodywork with a tractor (see below).

1342 (TXI 1342) stuck in field
Goldliner Mk. II 1342 (TXI 1342) stuck in a field. [Picture supplied by Fred, orignally from Truck & Driver Magazine]

The rest of the story from the magazine is available here.

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