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5th June 2003

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The new Northern Ireland Bus Message Board is now available. Update to the Citybus Vehicle Types page with new photographs coming in the moderately near future.

Welcome to my Northern Ireland Bus Site. A lot of this site was written two years ago and the continued expansion since then has been very slow, mainly because of the pressures of University Work on me.

Today the Ulsterbus Services Page has been re-arranged to be a wee bit clearer and links to the one or two timetables (38 and 163) that were on the server but hadn't got links have been added. The Ulsterbus route map is also scanned and available for viewing. Some comments etc. have been changed and updated on the Downpatrick page.

I think I have given up updating my Ulsterbus and Citybus fleetlists at least temporarily seeing so much better and more up to date information is available from the Irish Transport Trust Website Translink Fleet News section. I will get round to updating the Lough Swilly one soon. It isn't as big so it should be easier but there have been a lot of new buses and movements there recently.

The main bulk of this website consists of information about and photographs of buses. Photographs with a border around them can be clicked on to give a larger image. If anybody has any photographs of Ulsterbus, Citybus or Lough Swilly vehicles that they wouldn't mind me including in my website, I would be interested if they could scan them and email them to me.

For now explore what's here, and if you're still interested try visiting one or two of the bus sites on my links page. Please email reports of any mistakes I've made to me at pdk100@hotmail.com .

(since 6th July 1999)

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